Friday, November 04, 2005

What D'you Do When the Lights Go Out?

The nightmare returned today. We lost electricity and when it returned and I switched on my computer, horror of horrors, it said it couldn't find and couldn't load Windows.

I'll cut to the chase and spare you the hours I had to spend reloading Windows (after first re-formatting the hard disk) and reinstalling everything from the Monitor drivers to the browser and internet software. Point is, hard as it was to reinstall stuff, a LOT of heartache was saved because I have developed crash-friendly habits over the years. Examples are saving data on drives other than the System drive and regularly backing up items like my browser bookmarks.

Once I had the basic software in place, it was a matter of minutes to import my bookmarks and get here to post this piece. Over the next few days I'll post suggestions to protect yourself from the inevitable as far as Windows is concerned: System Crash.

Ignore them at your peril,

PS: I was all set to point you to a very well-designed and easy-to-understand site too, but this crash forces me to keep my post here very short. If you can't wait, check chicki's comment in my previous post and navigate to her site. That's the one I wanted to showcase today. If you're the patient kind, wait a couple of days till I can evaluate her site properly and post my recommendations.

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