Friday, December 16, 2005

Firefox Blues

Okay, here are a few questions from Neeta and my answers:

1. Sites like orkut and gmail don't open on mozilla firefox for me, so I still keep IE. How can I get firefox to open them for me?

I don’t have experience with orkut but gmail opens fine for me. Make sure you have the latest version of Firefox. You can download it from

2. When I click on links in my yahoo messenger or msn msngr, they open in IE, not in Firefox

Unfortunately, Yahoo! And MSN are programmed to open websites with IE. You can get around this by starting Firefox first, then clicking the link in your Yahoo! IM or MSN Messenger window.

3. On some pages, it says additional plugins are reqd to display this page, when I click on that, it tells me checking for plugins, but nothing ever happens.

Don’t navigate away from the page after clicking the button. It takes a few seconds, then you should see the “Checking for plug-ins” window. If it still doesn’t download the plug-in, check if there’s another plug-in button on the webpage you’re trying to read (not the bar that Firefox opens). You may have to download and install the plug-in manually.


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