Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More Great Things about Mozilla Firefox

If you're like most internet users (self included) you don't really check out features of your browser beyond those that stare you in the face. So I just thought I'd tell you about a couple of features of Mozilla Firefox that I find very useful.

The first is the scroll mouse support in opening links in a new tab. Now, you've probably already realised that Firefox offers a fantastic way to surf by allowing you to open a site in a new tab. You right-click a link and select "Open in New Tab" and your current window remains unaffected. You can switch between tabs and, when you want to minimise your browser, you don't have to minimise separate windows. One minimise click does everything.

Here's another way to open a link in a new tab if you have a scroll mouse (those mice with wheels that allow you to scroll up or down a page by rolling them with your middle finger): just place your mouse pointer on the link and "click" the scroll wheel. That's right, quickly press and release the wheel the way you click the left and right buttons on the mouse. The site automatically opens in a new tab. Neat, huh?

The second neat feature is "increase / decrease text size". Some sites feature really tiny text that's pretty hard to read. Well, squint no more. Simply go to View-->Text Size and select "Increase" to magnify the text (or hit Ctrl++). To decrease text size, go to View-->Text Size and select "Decrease" (Ctrl+-). Hitting Ctrl+0 brings the text size back to the original from an increased or decreased view.

NB: Ctrl+ indicates that you press and hold the Ctrl key while you hit the next key indicated. Thus "Ctrl+-" doesn't mean you hit "Ctrl" then "+" and then "-". It simply means you keep "Ctrl" pressed when you hit "-".


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  1. Thanks. The hint to "click link" with mouse roller to open new tab is very helpful.



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