Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cool Site:

I'm an ass. I admit it. A prize ass.

I got to know of tinyurl nearly a year ago but I have still been trying to convey a blinking long string of words to people over a rotten mobile phone to let them know the web address of my yahoo group, rhapsodypatrons.

What's tinyurl? It's a site that takes a humungous website address and converts it into a tiny one. Hence, tinyurl.

Here's what it did with my yahoo group:

The following URL:
has a length of 45 characters and resulted in the following TinyURL which has a length of 24 characters:

See that?

Now, instead of yelling into my mobile phone (rotten li'l thing, I'll be yelling things into it and wondering why she's not saying anything, then I look at the display and find the blasted thing lost the signal five minutes ago) "groups! groups DOT yahoo dot com.... no, no, NOT groups AT yahoo dot com... rhapsodypatrons... with an S! ..." you get the idea... all I have to say is "tinyurl dot com, slash, mlhdw."

Use it. You'll wonder how you did without it for so long. Very useful for masking free domains too, so no one knows you've hosted your professional-looking website on a free server.

Here, try it out:

Enter a long URL to make tiny:



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