Saturday, November 11, 2006

Google Sitemap

Josh asks me how to have a Google sitemap for his site, which is, unfortunately, a blog hosted by

I'll be blunt, Josh, you can't have a Google sitemap.

The reason is, a Google sitemap must be posted to the root directory of your site, a space you do not have access to because you, like me, are using a third party server to host your site. In other words, if you haven't paid a hosting service to have your own website and thus gain access to the root directory, you can't post a Google sitemap.

The root directory of a hosting service like is unavailable to you, as is the root directory of (also a service I use) .

The solution is to pay a hosting service so that you may have your own website (not a blogspot or freewebs or geocities or other free hosting service site) so that you can upload your Google sitemap to the root directory.


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