Thursday, March 26, 2009

Backup & Restore your System - II: Creating the Rescue Disk

Part I of this three-part tutorial covered the hardest part, creating the mirror image or backup of your System Disk for Winows XP. The next part is to create your Rescue Disk.

If your computer crashes for any software-related reason and you can't restart it normally, you'll need some way to access the mirror file you made in Part I of the process. You can do this by using a Rescue Disk, which obviously have to make BEFORE your system crashes (unless you have access to another computer that works and can create the disk there).

Creating a Linux-based Rescue Disk is a very simple operation and works in most cases. If it doesn't, ask me directly and I'll make a tutorial on creating a Rescue Disk with Bart PE, another option in creating a Rescue Disk. This post tells you only how to create a Linux-based Rescue Disk.

This is a very simple operation and can be a one-step process once you've started Macrium Reflect. At the maximum, it'll be a two-step process if you haven't already put a blank CD into your CD-writer. Here's how to do it:

Start Macrium Reflect by going to Start--> All Programs--> Macrium--> Reflect--> Reflect

In Macrium Reflect, go to Other Tasks--> Create Rescue CD

You'll be presented with the following screen:

Select the "Linux" radio button and click, "Next"

If you haven't already inserted a blank CD into your CD-Writer, you will be prompted to do so:

Insert a blank CD, click "OK" and then, "Next".

Then just sit back while Macrium Reflect creates your Linux-based Rescue CD. It hardly takes a minute or so.

If this process doesn't work for you, write a comment that it doesn't or ask me directly and I'll write a tutorial on creating a Win-XP based Rescue Disk.


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