Thursday, April 22, 2021

Locked down? Try coloring Mandalas for peace of mind!

 The Covid-19 pandemic has been tough on all of us. We can't meet friends, we usually can't have physical contact with others - even a simple handshake can be dangerous.

This can be stressful. Humans are social beings. We need to interact with others.

However, the present scenario blocks us from this human contact. We become tense. We don't know what to do to handle our stress. Meditation helps, of course, but meditation is a rather difficult thing to do, considering the worries our own minds send us almost constantly.

So here's a solution: distract your mind!

Yes, your mind can be distracted from worry and negative thoughts with a simple fix. And it isn't expensive either!

Simply color Mandalas to distract your worried mind and so calm down. Coloring Mandalas is a very stress-relieving activity. You can begin by coloring with solid colours and then try shading the parts of the Mandalas as you progress.

So why wait? Here's a Mandala coloring book to get you started:

Mandala Coloring Book

The book has Mandalas ranging from the simple to the complex, all available to you to color at your own pace. You can shade them as you wish, from solid fills to shades, using color pencils, crayons or pastels. The physical activity of coloring the Mandalas and the satisfaction you derive from seeing the finished pieces will send you waves of peace and calm in these troubling times.

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