Monday, November 05, 2007

Cool feature: Double-click to find the meaning of any word on your site

I was looking for writing resources and happened to stumble across Jeff Friedberg's site. What intrigued me was a line on almost every one of his pages, "* Double Click On Any Word On This Site For Automatic Definition Or Information *".

I guess my curiosity is now legendary (even if in my own mind) so I double-clicked random words and sure enough, a window popped up with a definition / explanation of the word. I looked at the title bar in the pop-up window and saw the URL of

So I headed over there and found this neat widget page that allows me to make my site cool too. Now you can double-click any word in this blog to get a definition / explanation of the word, courtesy thefreedictionary.

Try it now... double-click any word (except in the shoutbox - and links, of course) and see the definition / explanation pop up. If it doesn't work, you may need to enable javascript.

Way cool!