Friday, July 02, 2010

Convert VCD to MPG

This is so easy, I can't believe it's true. If you have any trouble converting with the method I suggest below, PLEASE comment and let me know that it doesn't work.

So someone gives you a VCD and you want to save the movie to your hard disk. Here's how you do it:
  1. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the MPEGAV folder on the VCD
  2. In that folder, you will find from one to several files that are named AVSEQ01 to 0 whatever, with the extension ".dat"
  3. Copy and paste all those files into a folder on your hard disk
  4. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to that folder, select the first file and hit F2, the function key
  5. Change the .dat extension to .mpeg
  6. Repeat for every .dat file you copied from the MPEGAV folder.

The files work perfectly in Windows Media Player and most film editors.