Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Export Bookmarks in Firefox

It's a good idea to export your bookmarks (Favorites) from time to time so that you can import them later in case you change your browser or reinstall Windows.

Exporting your bookmarks is actually quite easy and this tutorial will have you exporting and saving your bookmarks for later retrieval in less than five minutes.

First, open Firefox, of course. Next, click the Bookmarks button in the Menu Bar at the top, then select Organise Bookmarks (It may be spelt "Organize" if you've installed Firefox with the default US English):

The Library window will open. Select "Import and Backup":

Select "Export HTML":

This is important because it saves your bookmarks in a format that can be used by another browser in case you decide to switch browsers.

When you click on "Export HTML", the familiar Save window will open:

Navigate to a drive other than C: if you have one and click Save. You can change the name of the file if you wish but leave the file type as HTML.

There, you're done!

Your bookmarks have been saved as an HTML file that can be imported into Firefox in case you reinstall Windows or if you switch to a different browser. The next tutorial will tackle importing an HTML bookmarks file into Firefox.