Thursday, March 06, 2008

Chat room on your blog

bambam777 asks how to put a chat room on ones blog.

I presume this is different from attaching a chat room to ones blog/website, since I've already covered that in my post on chat rooms.

From what bambam777 says, I understand that what's being requested is a chat room that resides directly on the blog, kinda like the shoutbox you see on the right.

Well, why have a kinda shoutbox? Just install a shoutbox and you have a chat room right there on your blog (provided you know how to modify your blog template). Here's what you do:

  1. Go over to oggix
  2. Follow instructions to register
  3. Get the html thingamajiggy that installs the shoutbox in your blog sidebar (er... highlight and copy the code)
  4. Paste it where oggix tells you
  5. Save changes
You're done. You can chat to your heart's content when you're on.

Drawback: Everyone can see your conversation. If you want private conversation, install a separate Sigmachat (now addonchat) chatroom and put a link to it in your blog.