Friday, September 10, 2021

How To Add Typewriter Text Effect To Your Video Using Canva (FREE)

 A cool effect in videos is a typewriter text effect, where text appears as if it is being typed, letter by letter. Many video editing tools have this effect inbuilt but some - especially free video editing tools - don't. 

This tutorial shows you an easy way to add the typewriter text effect to any video using your favourite video editing software and Canva, a free online tool. There's a paid version too but this tutorial shows you how to use the tool for free.

So first head over to

In case it asks you to create an acount or login with your Facebook or Google account, do that.

Next, click on the Video icon

Next, click the Video element on the top left to create a blank video screen.

Then click the colourful button on the top left of the blank screen to open the background colour dialog.

Select the green colour swatch:

Next, select the Text button on the left of the Canva screen:

Next, click on "Add a subheading"

Canva will add the text "Add a subheading" to the video you have created. Change the text to the text of your choice:

Format the text to the colour of your choice, bold, italics, underline, etc.

Next, click the "Animate" button above your video screen:

The text animation screen will open. Select "Typewriter":

You'll see the text take on a typewriter effect. Click the "Download" button on the top right:

Canva will default the download to MP4. Download the video to a folder on your computer:

Once the video has downloaded, close Canva and open your video editor. I use Olive.

Import the downloaded text video into your video project.

Drag it onto your project's timeline:

Select the clip and apply the chroma key effect to it:

Select the green from the text video as the chroma key:

OK your way out once you have selected the chroma key.

Your video will now have typewriter text!

It's as easy as that! You don't need fancy software to get a typewriter text effect in your video, as long as your video editor supports the chroma key function.

Happy editing!