Wednesday, April 11, 2007

If you goof, you've had it

Got this via Seth Godin and I thought I'd share.

If you goof up, it's better to admit that you did and engage in damage control rather than try CYA (Cover Your Ass).

If most blogs are never seen and therefore ineffective as media of complaint, there's always a way to tune existing popular media like ebay to make a complaint.



  1. Update:
    Ebay seems to have removed the listing (or it expired, maybe). I get the following message when I follow the link:
    "This listing (130099735214) has been removed or is no longer available. Please make sure you entered the right item number.
    If the listing was removed by eBay, consider it canceled. Note: Listings that have ended more than 90 days ago will no longer appear on eBay."


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