Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cool things about Firefox

In case you haven't, do download Firefox

Certainly, I'll tell you why. It's far more secure than IE, it offers tabbed browsing and all the other stuff that Firefox 1.x did.

But Firefox goes beyond all that. Here's why:

Session Restore

This has got to be the coolest yet!

Very often, your browser may crash. Whether due to malignant script on a page or a problem with the OS, you're suddenly told that your browser is going to shut down. And it does.

And you have all those windows / tabs open with all the data you've been researching and the browser won't let you save them.

No worries with the new Firefox.

After you restart your computer and reconnect to the net, it gives you the option to restore all the open tabs from your last session.

What's more, data you've saved in forms is restored too, so that long post you made in a forum stares you right back in the face, waiting for you to hit "Submit".


Firefox checks your spelling as you type. It underlines mistakes the way you're used to seeing. You can right-click and select the correct spelling. You can add the word to Firefox's dictionary.

This browser is going places... and to think it's all free and these cool features are being contributed by programmers across the world, all doing it for free.

Boggles the mind


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