Sunday, August 03, 2008

Enhance your blog(s)!

In my online wanderings, I came across an excellent blog that extends my Deeply Simple philosophy wonderfully - a blog that teaches you how to add features to your blog, tweak it, get more traffic and a lot more. Here it is:

Thanks to Kranthi, who gives us all those great tips, I've added the star rating widget you see at the bottom of every post (it doesn't help the blog directly, but it does tell me if people like my posts and that encourages me to post more).

Here's to Kranthi, who helps us non-techies in our quest to help others manage the online experience better.



Shiva said...

cool blog.
(both urs n blogggertricks)


Ecko said...

Yup, you're right! I also visit Kranthi's blog to see another new idea she write on the blog. But, I think Kranthi doesn't update her blog for long time.