Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reset your Yamaha keyboard

If you bought a Yamaha (musical) keyboard and messed with it so it doesn't do what it's been doing from the start (mine stopped playing the one-key chords), here's how to reset it to the factory default:

  • Switch it off
  • Keep the rightmost white key (the highest C) depressed
  • Switch it on again, holding the C depressed for about ten seconds.
Your keyboard will revert to factory settings. Works for most Yamaha keyboards.

Don't do this if you've saved songs, settings, etc. This technique is purely to return your Yamaha keyboard to the state it was in when you bought it.


Unknown said...

Thanks ..


glennitty said...

Did factory reset and still can't get any sound, do you have any software.

Deepak Morris said...

Sorry, no software. This appears to be a hardware problem. It will be best if you can take the keyboard to a Yamaha service centre near you.

Jerry said...

Hearing a Yamaha P-200's Sound Again

Under the MIDI settings, the Local control function allows you to disconnect the P-200's keyboard from its internal tone generator. When set to OFF, the internal tone generator does not respond to the notes you play on the P-200's keyboard. Only do that if you want the keyboard to only transmit messages via the [MIDI OUT] terminal.

So, make sure that the Local (ON, OFF) is set to ON if you want to hear your Yamaha P-200 directly as you play notes.

You can find more information on the Local (ON, OFF) feature on page 55 of the Yamaha Electronic Piano P-200 manual.

Jerry said...

How to Reset a Yamaha P-200

The Yamaha P-200 reset is performed differently from other Yamaha models. And its manual uses the term "Initialize" for the reset step, there on page 63.

1) Press the [POWER] switch to turn off power.

2) To reset back to the factory settings, hold both the [MIDI] and [EDIT] buttons, then press the [POWER] switch to turn on power.

The INITIALIZE ALL screen briefly appears.

Please note that the command for resetting the Yamaha P-200 model is different from the command for many other Yamaha models.

Unknown said...

My yamaha Is NP-30 it does not have a C7 which key should I hold down,the outermost white which is an E(I think) or the C6. I only have 76 keys on this model.

Viv said...

Sound became very low in my Yamaha PSR E363

Moksh Attri said...

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Gelbero Lam said...

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Unknown said...

I have got a Yamaha DGX 230 my problem is the sounds are too light and it has got too much treble

Unknown said...

Hi. My yamaha PSR-E253 automatically keeps on playing tempo. Perhaps, facotry reset will help resolve it?. But my keyboard doesn't have white key C thing....