Friday, November 18, 2005

Google Analytics: It's a Jungle out there!

... and it's getting "junglier" (do forgive me if I lapse into Indianisms now and then, some of them express what I want to say so accurately).

I tried to set up Google Analytics for my general blog, figuring that someone or the other is going to ask me about it sometime or the other and I better figure out what it's all about.

To put it simply, Google Analytics is supposed to help you figure out who is visiting your site and how your site is being viewed, so you can tweak it to convert more browsing public into paying public.

So I faithfully followed the instructions and pasted the code into my site template. Google Analytics has a button to check if the code has been inserted correctly. I clicked it. It said it couldn't find the code. So I checked my blog template again. I seemed to have done it correctly. So I tried the Help link at Google. It told me to go to the site, view the html for the page and see if the code is there. Thank God I know how to do that. So I did it. Code shows. Google Analytics still says (after I tried to get it to check again) that the code can't be found.

Now, I'm fairly web-and-computer savvy. I may not know much html but I can find a part of the template I'm supposed to find and paste what I'm supposed to paste there. I did all that and it doesn't work.

All I can do is follow the classic computer user's procedure. Shut down, wait a while and try again. I'll do that when I'm done surfing and talking to my online friends. 24 hours to the next update, folks, sorry. That's how computers work.

Don't worry if you haven't understood a thing I've said above. It's a niche thing and if you still aren't in the loop about Google Analytics, there's nothing to worry about. You won't be kicked off the net.

How about a question or two so I know what your concerns are? Ask me anything. Even stuff like how to set up an email account. I'm here to answer.


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